1 Week Detox Diet Plan

1 Week Detox Plan

The best way to detoxify your body is to go on a 3 day juice fast and eliminate solid foods altogether. The reason for this is is that your body can move the energy it would normally take to digest food to the detoxification process.

That said, this is not necessarily the most practical way for those of us who have to work grueling hours and that need the energy we get from food. In this hub, I am going to show you an alternative to the juice fast that most use when they are detoxifying their bodies.

It is a 7 day or 1 week plan and while it isn't as effective, it will still be better than not doing anything.

Why bother with a detox plan?

Well, although many go on a detox plan to lose weight quickly, the real reason to detox is to flush toxins from your body that make you feel sick. If you don't eat organic meats, then chances are great that your body is working overtime trying to eliminate toxins such as steroids and antibiotics from your body. Poor digestion actually will suppress your immune system and make you feel sick.

Detox Diets

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are the main part of the one week detox diet plan.
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are the main part of the one week detox diet plan.

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salma Suilaman 3 years ago

Intersting and educating.

Cheryl Cholley profile image

Cheryl Cholley 4 years ago from Arizona

Thanks, this is an excellent detox and I'm glad you've written it out here for people to try out. You're very right about the juice fasting being difficult. This is a great method to compromise and still get some of the toxins moving out.

fucsia profile image

fucsia 5 years ago

good hub! thanks... I am also interested in diet and I believe that the detoxification is very important to weight loss

Betty Reid profile image

Betty Reid 5 years ago from Texas

I've been eating Thanksgiving turkey and dessert for three days. A few days of detox sounds like a good idea.

~Stacey~ profile image

~Stacey~ 5 years ago

Thanks great information!

andy 5 years ago

After sifting through a bunch of BS, I'm glad I stumbled upon this. I feel too many people are attempting to make money off detoxing rather then informing others on a safe and healthy way to do so. Thank you so much.

Nisha shan 5 years ago

Detox diets are important as they help a lot to remove the toxins present in the body. Thanks for providing a nice hub.

ghomefitness profile image

ghomefitness 5 years ago from Chicago,IL

Good hub. I will have to try it.

michelle.dragon99 profile image

michelle.dragon99 5 years ago

detoxification is crucial for weight loss...fruit juice is one of the best item that we used for detox....but not to forget high fibre food like wholemeal bread and brown rice...:)

Shubhadevi profile image

Shubhadevi 5 years ago

Detoxification is really essential for our body. Thanks explaining about it. Nice hub.

Caleb Anderson profile image

Caleb Anderson 5 years ago

Detox plans and other kinds of fasting routines can be beneficial but you also need to be careful to not go to overboard.

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    Day One on Your One Week Detox Plan

    The first day is going to be a lot like a juice fast and will be the hardest. Many suggest that you should drink store bought juices but they are so loaded with sugars and sugar substitutes that they are hardly effective.

    Instead, grab a blender and blend various fruits and vegetables together. Green juices..the ones that use brocolli, green leafy vegetables and phytonutrients like wheatgrass and spirolina are best because most of these have antioxidant properties that will help flush the toxins from your body. Mix these with fruit to make them sweeter to drink. Bananas make a good base for fruit juices but you can mix them with berries or whatever fruit you like.

    Green tea is also allowed but you shouldn't add sugar to it. If you need to sweeten it, I suggest spiriva which is a root based sweetener.

    Day Two- One Week Detox Plan

    The second day is focused on bulking up your potassium intake. This can be done through bananas and potatoes. Once again, you don't want to add anything to this. If you must use a condiment, I recommend making up a salsa with fresh herbs, tomatoes and onions. Get about a pound and a half of potatoes.

    Day Three- One Week Detox Plan

    On this day, the focus will be carbs but the good kind. Focus on brown rice and just like before you can't add things like butter. Don't buy the instant kind. The more natural you can make it the better. You should be drinking a lot of water (helps with the detoxification process) but you can mix it up and drink juices (like day one) and green tea. All must not have been sweetened with sugar or a sugar substitute.

    Day Four- One Week Detox Plan

    On day four, you can eat as much fruit as you want. Whether this is apples, pears, blueberries, bananas or something exotic like papaya or melon, it doesn't matter. Nothing is off the list.

    Fruits are naturally loaded with antioxidants that will help flush toxins from you body. Some recommend cheese but most protein based foods are actually harder to digest.

    As usual, drink plenty of water and tea is fine.

    Day Five- One Week Detox Plan

    On day five, we are going to start to come down back to normal. On this day, you can start to incorporate a little protein in your diet as well as add pastas.

    Make sure that the pasta isn't the typical Ronco pasta though. You want whole wheat pasta that is loaded with fiber and other nutrients. White pasta typically offers nothing of value (other than energy) and isn't nutritious.

    For protein, you can add an egg for the day.

    Day Six- One Week Detox Plan

    On day six, you are going to load up on vegetables. Just like fresh fruits, vegetables have a power punch and are loaded with the good stuff that will help detoxify your body. Make a spinach salad and load it up with onion, alfalfa, tomato, and cucumber. Top it off with herbal infused olive oil for taste. DO NOT use store bought salad dressings.

    You can also add an egg to the mix for the protein.

    Final Day- One week Detox Plan

    You are almost there. On this day, we are going to start to get back to our regular diet. On this one, you can begin your day with an egg or some cheese, a tomato or some fruits and vegetables.

    For lunch, choose something lean to eat like a 4 oz. portion of filet or chicken. Add some vegetables and fruit to the mix.

    For dinner, you can pick a little broiled fish like salmon and add a side salad.

    You will drink lots of water on this day.

    Why the One Week Detox Diet Plan Works

    Like I said earlier, the better option is to do a 3 day juice fast. But if you can't due to a heavy workload or your job is especially physical, the one week plan is good as well. Basically, you start as if you are on a juice fast which will help empty the toxin reservoir in your body. Then you jump back and forth between days in which your digestive system is slightly taxed to days where it isn't and can further the detoxification process.

    By the end of the week, you should feel better and your body should feel like a million bucks. Repeat this 4 times a year for optimum health (one for every season).

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